Stalin and Propaganda

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Established as one of the most authoritative and intimidating rulers to have ever walked the face of the Earth, Joseph Stalin was the unmatched communist leader of the Soviet Union for nearly three decades. His regime of fear and terror took the lives of millions, and the implementation of harsh commanding methods consolidated his supreme control over the nation. From 1924 to 1940, the key elements involved in Stalin’s dictatorial regime over the Soviet Union were political propaganda and the accumulation of fear. These aspects resulted in additional governing procedures; the acute censorship of the media and education, and use of the secret police. Together, these components of Stalin’s rule enabled him to manipulate Russian society and…show more content…
The initiation of Stalin’s propaganda machine was fundamental for the gain and maintenance of his control over the Soviet Union. Prior to the complete development of the personality cult, basic propaganda was manipulated into all forms which were perceptible by the eyes and ears of Soviet society. The intense propaganda regime began shortly after the death of Lenin, where Stalin “spent the first part of his reign marginalizing his rival, Leon Trotsky” in the attempt of presenting himself as Lenin’s true heir; an attempt which proved successful in 1928. After outmanoeuvring his rivals, Stalin’s propaganda messages were altered to focus heavily on uniting and encouraging the people to actively participate in the radical realignment of the USSR’s industrial, economic and political positions. It was at this point that the cult of personality slowly crawled into the conventional life of the average Soviet citizen. “Stalin’s image came to dominate everyday life in the Soviet Union” during the time of the personality cult, and it was the constant bombardment of Stalin’s image and voice that played a leading role in cementing his position of power. Buildings, homes and workplaces were covered in portraits of Stalin, “who was referred to as the ‘Granite Bolshevik’ and ‘Supreme Genius of Humanity”. Through the personality cult, Stalin’s relationship with Lenin and his limited roles within the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution were greatly
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