Stalinism and Jews Essay

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Modern World History Joseph Stalin led the Socialist Soviet Union in the “Revolution from Above,” a movement to centralize the government and transform society without popular participation . Because Stalin’s radical goals were destructive for the populace to attain, his legitimacy was based on the credibility of his ideological authority . In protection of that conviction, Stalin was in constant fear of competitive initiative and philosophy. Stalin subjected society and culture to strict party surveillance and control, issuing pro-socialist, xenophobic propaganda, censoring literature, art, and media, and launching anti-religious campaigns . In addition to his confiscation of religious property and denunciation of belief, Stalin was…show more content…
Lenin believed that until he obtained European support and the ensuing transition to a communist society was complete, laws were necessary “to suppress the resistance of classes hostile to the proletariat.” This acting law became a “dictatorship of the proletariat; [Lenin] instructed his followers to ‘use both corruption and the threat of general extermination’” to ensure the authority of the temporary dictatorship. Still under Lenin, Stalin proposed a policy later known as Stalinism, a theory that sanctioned an unlimited and no longer temporary Soviet dictatorship with the radical intent of employing Socialism in a single country. Stalin appealed to that “Great Russian chauvinism” and to the Bolsheviks and many citizens who retained a fervent Communist idealism . The Socialist cause was the authority that justified both Lenin and Stalin’s ruthless regimes. “Marxism gave [the dictators] a monopoly upon the truth, and possession of the truth meant for Bolsheviks ‘everything was permitted’. The Party would never forget that it had taken power as an enlightened minority acting on behalf of a majority ignorant of its best interests. It was ideology, not a mandate, that legitimized the party.” Stalin’s policy-enforcement and paranoid terrorism led to tremendous suffering and loss of life; the interests of the individual were entirely sacrificed to those of the state in the
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