Stalin's Corruption

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"I believe in one thing only, the power of human will" said Stalin once. He certainly did have cause to believe in the power of a human's will as he experienced it in himself firsthand, having had extraordinary willpower and perseverance (He didn't call himself "Man of Steel" for nothing, folks), rising up from the lowly station of alcoholic's son in Georgia to one of the biggest monsters in human history, supposedly killing more than Hitler. Exactly how did he do this? Why? And how did his corruption reach such extents as to do all this for power?

Josef Stalin (originally named Josef Djugashvili) was born in Gori, a violent town in eastern Georgia, on the twenty-first of December, in 1878, to his parents Ketevan Geladze and Besarion
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By acting as if his words were indirectly Lenin's, Stalin could say almost any number of things with the people agreeing out of respect for Lenin. This relates to the propaganda technique Testimonial.

There were other ways that he took advantage of how Communism was--"the omnipotent and omnicompetent boss was still the norm in a society so recently under Czarist authority" (Pereira, 5). Because of this, Stalin could easily claim supremacy over the people of Russia, because they were used to this.

Part of what helped Stalin attain so much power and therefore get so corrupt was all of this taking advantage of not completely set rules. But why did he want to take advantage of this for power? He did this because of his power-hungry personality.

Stalin's having a power-hungry personality is a big part of what made him corrupt, and is also a part of his corruption. Not many will dispute this, especially once faced with evidence--Stalin's craving for power is evident in many areas. He certainly had a lot of will-power to do as much as he did!

One such example of this is accentuated by him opportunism and likeness to a chameleon; he would do almost anything to attain power, not having scruples or paying attention to ideals (although he harnessed those of the people to gain power!) :

"Stalin performed his great turn-about in late 1927 and took over the left analysis" (Pereira, 5). This is interesting because Stalin had been on the

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