Stalin's Launch of the Great Terror Essays

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Stalin's Launch of the Great Terror The Great Terror of 1936-1938 came after a period of success, with the completion of the First Five Year Plan and the Peasants had been collectivised to make food for the workers in the factories. Yet there was still opposition to Stalin's leadership inside the party from Ryutin; Ryutin argued that Stalin should be removed from the position of General Secretary. Stalin then called for the execution of Ryutin (most communist did not believe in killing their own), Kirov, Stalin's supporter and the head of Leningrad headed the majority against the execution. This made Kirov very popular in the party and when there was a vote in the Central Congress for the…show more content…
He also admitted to conspiring with Trotsky to destroy Communism - this conspiracy was called the 'Trotskyite - Zinovievite Conspiracy. The other Trials were in 1937 with Trotsky, but he was not in the country, yet they still said he was the lead conspiracer and a counter-revolutionary. In 1938, Bukharin was put on trial, he admitted to nearly everything except, conspiring to plotting the murder of Lenin. These trials made the Russian people believe that there was a conspiracy going on and that anyone could be in on it. This made workers suspicious of anyone who did not produce as much as their fellow workers, this meant that everyone worked hard. This was a brilliant way of getting the workers to produce more to push crash industrialisation along, if there had not been the conspiracy theory then Russia would not have acted like a Totalitarian State and therefore not have been as productive. The theory scared the Russian people from even thinking anti-communist thoughts in case they were taken away to labor camps. This fear gave total control to Stalin over all areas of Russia as no one wanted to be sent to the labor camps, so this was a very effective way of controlling the people of Russia. Another reason for Stalin
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