Stalk: A Short Story

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Plan A: Stalk Location: Mall "Stalk?!" "Yes, stalk so we can find what she likes and you're going to buy it and confess your dying love." "You're her brother for fucks sake! You should know what she likes!" Cross his arm looking the other way. "Who pays attention to that now? And beside you're a shinigami who can't confess to a girl, who is about to take over your father's place." Wanting to kill him at this very spot but couldn't. Wolf is right he can't confess to a girl without his help. Having all of his negative thoughts take control of him, wanting to be thrown out on garbage day. Why can't his father replace him, he can't take over this father's role now. Without realizing that the girls had just now left the mall, talking and…show more content…
Looking up a little, trying to find (Y/N), but she was no where to be found. "Come on (Y/N)." Make dragged a pale (Y/N), looking like she was going to faint anytime soon. "Remind me to never go shopping with you guys." (Y/N) was never type of girl who wanted to go shopping 24/7. She ratter stay at home and watch Netflix than go shopping. She doesn't see a point to buy shoes that she would wear for only one time. "But you looked cute in all the clothes that you tried." Tsubaki smiled innocently. A small blush was form on the (H/C) haired girl. "Yea, but I'm not some kind of Barbie doll that you can dress me up in." Patty ran up to (Y/N), jumping on her back warping her arms around (Y/N)'s neck. "Yea, but (Y/N) is so pretty we couldn't help it." Patty smiled. "Patty right, I saw how guys look at you. To be honest I'm quite jealous." Liz butt in. Hearing the girls conversation, Kid couldn't help but be mad if some pervert guy took (Y/N) away from him. The (E/C) eyed girl stopped at her tracks. "What's wrong (Y/N)?" Patty let's go of (Y/N)'s neck. "Do you guys feel like your being…show more content…
"I can feel it too." "Hey Maka, you can sense souls right?" Kid turned to Wolf. "Why did they stopped walking a sudden." "I don't know, maybe they found us or something." A hand was placed on both of the males shoulder. "Found out what." Slowly turning their head to see (Y/N) with a dark aura. A loud scream was heard a mile away. Plan A:
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