Stalker Report

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FOREWORD: It is to my immense displeasure to report the disappearance of most of Stalker squad and their commanding officer, Senior Sergeant Zur of our special operations division. All contact was lost with Stalker squad after Specter emerged from the tunnels, and due to the sheer size of the tunnel network adjacent to the bunker under the compound, not to mention the strange occurrences that took place there, I had no choice but to order the squad’s evacuation. Specter and Stalker came within close range and proceeded to infiltrate the Separatist base. However, our cover was compromised due to my fumbled attempts to dispatch an enemy patrol quietly. I then identified the nearest explosive element on the base and ordered my people to open fire upon it, as in my experience, large-scale detonations are a perfect way to…show more content…
It must have happened between when the chemical processing room was destroyed and when Specter found them.) The whole time, my squad reported intense vibrations in the walls, owing to the enemy attempting to block our path and to the entire base destabilizing and breaking apart. Specter managed to make a path through a pile of rubble, only to find more dead bodies, this time flayed. Troopers Moumis, Zaidu, Saga and Dayne, Commissar Arceneaux, and the two Phasians should be able to attest to the mysterious figure Specter witnessed in the presence of the flayed bodies. Although none of us were able to attain a good visual, we did open fire upon it and it seemingly vanished. No remains were found. As stated in the foreword, Specter emerged from a tunnel exit that we had not noticed previously. Repeated attempts to contact Stalker squad resulted in no response, and in the face of all the factors, I was forced to order Specter ride back to base alone. Cpl. Ursa’s body was recovered,
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