Stalking, Domestic Violence, And Stranger Violence Essay

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Covered in this training material will be three scenarios. Information will be provided regarding stalking, domestic violence (today is known as intimate violence) and stranger violence. Stalking is often a prelude to violence in which this paper will also discuss.
Scenario one:
After a brief relationship Margo and Harley break up. Soon Margo begins to feel she is being watched and sees that Harley seems to be around every corner she goes around. When she comes out of the grocery store there are notes and cards on her windshield from Harley. In the beginning, Margo is not afraid, but then Harley begins to threaten her and send nasty texts to her phone. Finally, he leaves a message that says if he cannot have her then no one would
What were the reasons they broke up? Harley needed to control everything. Margo could do nothing without Harley’s permission and that made her very uncomfortable.
Was there any violence from Harley while she dated him? Margo says he made threats, but he had never physically harmed her; he had been emotionally abusive by making threats and calling her names.
Had she ever gone to the police? She said the police could do nothing unless he physically touched her, but she could get an order of protection against him.
Did Harley have a history of controlling behavior? Margo says he did not when they began dating but he soon became controlling when he wanted to know where she was, whom she was with and what she was doing. Is there any
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