Stalking : What Kind Of Stalking Happens?

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Anita Salmeron
English Composition
December 8, 2014
What kind of Stalking happens what happens to the victims routine? Do you ever feel as someone is watching or that their is one person who is always there where you are? If you answered yes to any of those questions I would be concerned or at least curious why they are always around. So some people may or may not ask what is a stalker well, a stalker is someone who harasses or give unwanted and obsessive behavior. A person who stalks will do almost anything to feel close to their victim, that may include constantly driving by their house or going to activities they go to. Some stalkers will go across town, country, or even continents to continue their stalking.
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Stalker use more than one way to approach their victim, weapons may be used to harm or threaten victims. Theirs multiple kinds of stalkers here are some rejected, resentful, Intimacy seeking, obsessed, stranger, delusional, and serial stalker. They have different reasons for stalking their victim some might even have a goal wether that it to torture them or kill them. Rejected stalker is someone who had a relationship with its victim, but the victim no longer wants the relationship so they are seeking for revenge. Resentful stalker feel humiliated or mistreated they want power over their victim, they want them to feel afraid.stalker is caused by loneliness and lack of close confidante, they feel linked to their victim. Behavior is fueled by mental illness involving delusional beliefs about the victim. Obsessed stalkers have a goal they want the relationship back or else their victim will not survive. This stalker might suffer from personality disorder. Stranger stalker they stalk because they feel that it’s right. The Victim feel terrorized doesn’t know who to turn to or talk to, this is a more frightening feeling since the victim has no idea who is doing it. Delusional stalkers may suffer from schizophrenia, or depression. They believe they are meant to be destined with their victim, usually because of kindness and they believe it’s love. Serial Stalker is someone who will stalk anyone who is in the household, Victim should be cautioned that serial stalkers in
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