Essay on Stamford International Inc

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ssues Financial reporting in the recent years through the SEC mandates has become one of the most important aspects to corporate management. Stamford International's problem is inherent in the discrepancy in reporting system and accounting irregularities from the various aspects of the business. Not only has this but Stamford, due to rapid growth not been able to accommodate for the expansionary activities like acquisitions of units and international transactions. The result has been the experience of loss in earnings-per-share. In the following analysis, the researcher thus will outline some of the problems that Stamford should address and resolve accordingly to be able to post a positive quarterly report and remain compliant with the…show more content…
For example the extra charge for maintenance accumulated from last year and for this year should be equally divided and not charged to the first quarter only. Similarly, cost of relocating the Southern Paper Sioux Springs office that has been charged to the first quarter, had been the expenditure incurred last year. It should not have been included in the first quarter. No doubt these are good accounting practices but nevertheless reverting the charges to their respective results would not compromise GAAP practice. Unrealized income would be better off transferred to the next or the last quarter as the income received would not materialize until at the end of the year. Including the dividend from the company's Brazilian unit would not help increase profitability at the end of the year unless the company is assured of its profitability. As of now it needs to balance its accounts before it can estimate correct profit level at the end of the year. With regard to the obsolete inventories, there is no alternative course of action but to write-off from this
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