Stamp Act Definition

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The Stamp Act On March 22, 1765, the Stamp Act was established by the British Parliament. In this act all of the American Colonists were taxed. They were taxed on every single piece of printed paper that they used. For example, legal documents, Ship’s papers, licenses, newspapers, other publications and even playing cards. The money that was collected helped pay the costs of defending and protecting the American frontier. The American frontier was located in the Appalachian Mountains with over 10,000 troops. Unlike other Acts, the Stamp Act cost very little. Previously when people were taxed to control mass trading, not to raise revenue The Stamp Act on the other hand was very offensive to the colonist because instead of controlling trade,…show more content…
The Boston Massacre commenced when a group of American colonist came to the Customs House in Boston. These American protesters called themselves Patriots. The “Patriots” were protesting about the takeover of their city by the British troops. The British troops were sent to Boston in 1768 to enforce taxation. When the “Patriots” arrived they started ridicule a British soldier, who was a lookout guard. They started to throwing snowballs at the British soldier. The British Captain, Thomas Preston, who was the commanding officer at the Customs House ordered a group of British soldiers to go outside with the lookout guard. When the group a British Soldiers came to support and accompany the lookout guard, they saw what the colonist were doing. The British soldiers were angered by these acts and acted out when Private Hugh Montgomery was hit with one of the snowballs. The British soldiers then started firing their bayonets. When the smoke cleared, on the floor were five “Patriots” on the floor dead, or dying from their injuries. The group of British soldiers were put on trial and two soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter in 1770. They were then branded on their thumb with an “M” for murder as their punishment. This was one of the first casualties in the American Revolutionary
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