Stamps Community Communication

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Overall, studying the populous of the Stamps community has been very interest9inig and not as odd in comparison to how I first took the assignment. Surprisingly, nothing struck me as strange or out of place per se. Actually, reflecting on that, it may be because I’ve been around the Stamps community for two years before actually enrolling and experiencing my first semester. However, there was something I noticed that I found very interesting, most of the people I observed in all three of the locations seemed to avoid interaction or any type of communication until they where around someone they felt familiar. For, example, when observing the member of the community for the almighty and revered couches of Stamps there was not much interaction taking place surprising seeing how it would look to anyone not in their community as a place for communication and congregating. Quite the…show more content…
Possibly due to there being a lack of males in Stamps or simple “bro time” I may never know. As for communities within it the Stamps communities there are definitely some distinct ones . However, not many appeared during my observation with the exception of a few. One of these groups superficially shared some characteristics such as ethnicity and color scheme while another seemed to share the same status category all joking bout this exact project. In addition, you can definitely tell which male is in architecture and which is in Stamps. During my observation the males going towards the architecture part of the building all dressed very preppy all wearing button ups and various derby boots paired with vests that look professional of a cool color scheme. While the many Stamps boys wore t-shirts and jeans or looked more what non-art student would call
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