Stand Against Seal Hunt and Pipelines in Canada

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“Protesters (left) gather near the Canadian embassy in Paris, France, to protest the annual seal hunt in Canada.
The word “honte” on the Canadian flag means “shame.””

Inuit communities are exempted from seal product restrictions and are allowed to hunt up to 400,000 seals ( a quota set by the government)
This is because it is part of their culture
There’s growing demand for seal skin coats, boots, slippers and other products in the province and across Canada
Fur is also still going to markets in China and other parts of Asia
Our federal government is fighting the European Union’s ban on seal products through the World Trade Organization
European General Court dismissed a Canadian challenge of the EU ban ^^^^^
The federal Fisheries Department says that starting 2014, all licence holders taking part in the commercial seal hunt will have to complete training on its accepted three-step process for killing seals
“The training program is working, and we have to continue at that so that sealers will operate in what we call a professional manner and treat the animals humanely and with respect,” Frank Pinhorn executive director of the Canadian Sealers Association.
The province has vigorously defended the seal hunt as a vital income source for struggling outports that rely on that cash to help fund the rest of the fishing season.
“And what I saw this year was exactly what I see every year: seals were wounded and left to suffer crawling through
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