Stand Alone Sexual Violence

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i. The University create a Working Group with terms of reference to include developing

a stand-alone Sexual Violence policy and protocol .

ii. The University adopts post -secondary sector-wide metrics introduced to measure success

with respect to sexual assault prevention and response.

iii. University support and response services (e.g. Counselling Services, Human Resources,

Human Rights Office, Campus Security etc.) collaborate to develop coordinated systems for

institutional tracking and reporting of incidents of formal and informal sexual assault reporting

and disclosure, ensuring compliance with FIPPA and University confidentiality policies.

iv. The University complies with
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The University employs best health promotion practices and deliver messages specific to

the target populations. Depending on time of the year and context, awareness-raising and skill-

building should be tailored to target different students across all years in relation to topics such

as: adhering to the University’s Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities; laws around

sexual harassment and assault; university policies and consequences related to sexual assault;

giving and receiving consent; identifying the characteristics of healthy dating

relationships/intimate partnerships; reaching out to available counselling services
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Objective 5: Clarify Roles and Responsibility for Supp ort and Response

The BUTFSV recommends that:

i. The University clarifies and communicates the roles of various university

personnel responsible for sexual assault first response, investigation, advising, counselling

and advocacy. It should be noted that one of the Task Force’s observations is that the

mandate of the Student Counselors needs to be reviewed with a view to establish

counseling service levels consistent with best practices in other Universities. For example,

establishing counselling hours/student ratio not to exceed eight (8) visits. Student

Behaviour Contracts should not be used in cases of sexual violence.

ii. The University establishes terms of reference for a Sexual Assault Response

Prevention Team, comprising key members of the campus response network, to ensure

Police Services and University response protocols are clear, coordinated, and consistent.

iii. Members of the support and response network develop relationships, based on

mutually agreed upon service delivery principles, with community partners (e.g.,
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