Stand By Me Character Analysis

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In Stephen King’s semi-autobiographical novella The Body and its film version Stand by Me, Gordon---or “Gordy,” for short, a loving, middle-aged father and author, reflect on the journey he experienced back in 1959/1960; the first time he saw a dead body. “Adult Gordy” narrates the story of the unforgettable two-day journey he went on with his best friends at the time, Teddy, Vern, and Chris. Along the way, “Childhood Gordy” was searching for answers; questioning the problems within his family, his identity, and the strength of his friendships. As he self-reflects, now with more wisdom and maturity, Adult Gordy learns lessons that substantially differed from those learned by his 12-going-on-13-year-old self. One of the most important lessons Childhood Gordy learned was finding his identity; trying to be confident in who he was, becoming mature, and less self-conscious. Before this adventure, Gordy was a shy, young boy, hiding in the shadow of his older brother, Denny. His parents would ignore him, putting all their focus and energy towards Denny; Gordy even went as far as to calling himself the “Invisible Boy” in The Body, since his parents ignored him so much after Denny’s death. Denny was one of the only people who loved and believed in Gordy so when he died, it really hit him hard. Between his family life and the image he had of himself, Gordy was not confident in who he was, especially in his writing and storytelling skills. As the boys traveled down the train tracks
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