Stand For State Poster Analysis

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Stand for State covers a wide range of topics that are extremely important to Penn State and our communities. It covers areas from domestic violence to risky drinking and drug use. For my posters, I tried to really aim towards the college students by trying to find subjects that could be close to home to some people, but because they really aren’t emphasized enough, I chose my topics to help raise awareness for lesser known topics. Specifically, my topics were promoting equality (mainly aiming at women), domestic violence awareness, and the specific resources that are available here at Penn State Behrend for rape victims. First, I created a poster that encouraged people to fight for equality because it’s a subject that is being talked about more and more in my classes, which emphasizes that Penn State values this enough to encourage professors to teach hiring women and paying them equally. The poster itself was aimed more towards women for that reason but, other subjects like sexual orientation, religion and other components of one’s lifestyle can be included in this poster. So, why is this important? Well people are being discriminated a lot in the work place, in the community and other…show more content…
I primarily tried to let people realize what the symptoms look like, so that the victims can be aware and try to be aware of what it looks like because it isn’t talked about a whole lot on campus. The values are very similar to the rape resource poster, where we try to make the victim feel safe and wanted, creating the connection of the Penn State family. At Penn State, we don’t take these type of things lightly, they need to be treated properly and if an individual feel the need to take that away from someone, they need to be prosecuted. I feel that this along with rape awareness are extremely important because nobody should ever have to go through these and the people need to understand that we are there for
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