Stand Up To The Government Essay

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It was 2052 and the government was cencholing everyone. No one was happy because they was canceled by the government and they couldn’t go anywhere unless they tell the government . The government wouldn’t let you live unless they know where you are going. And if you didn’t tell them where you was going they would hurt you. No one would stand up for what they thank because they were afraid they would be beat.

People were afraid of the government because of what happen to the person that stand up to the government. They didn’t stand up but they didn’t like the government. But they didn’t say anything to the government because they were afraid of them. But then they wasn’t tracking them they was talking how to get out. They had
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They make sure that they can’t get that out. But they forgot that they if they tell first that people with thought that how did they know that they were going to do that. So they didn’t tell too they get ready to tell that's when they are going to tell them. But they don’t thought that they are going to be live them so they made a thing that people are told what to do by a little remote. So they meet up to plan more about to overrule the government that is the 2 plan but there 1 plan is to tell people about what the government is doing. But the government does not know yet but they find out a little about what they were planning. But they what to know everything there is about there new plan. But she can’t find out what all there is about it. So she tries again but she get a little bit of what they are planning.

So now they Know what all their planning so now they can twist it up a little bit. So that no one will know the true about the government. The government does not the now the important part of the plan because they just know some of the begin and some of the end. But they thought that they now all of it so they have a plan to there is to make sure that they can’t tell people about what the government is doing. But somehow they find out what the government is
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