Stand Your Ground Law And Black Youth

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Stand your Ground Law and Black Youth

The controversies surrounding Stand your Ground Laws have recently captured the nation’s attention. From the infamous Trayvon Martin case, in Florida alone, 26 children have been killed in Stand Your Ground cases. Since 2005, eighteen states have passed laws extending the right to self-defense with no duty to retreat to any place a person has a legal right to be. Despite the implications that these laws may have for public safety, there has been little empirical investigation of their impact on crime and victimization. In this paper, I will be researching reasons why Stand your Ground Law was implemented, the impact of this law on crime and victimization against black youth. Focusing on many
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He was claimed to have used justifiable use of force though he was told not to follow Trayvon, and he was not suppose to have gun being the community watchman. Due to the conditions that triggered the shooting this induced major media coverage and the big topic being discussed at the time was using Stand Your Ground laws which allows individuals to use force, including lethal force, in self defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat, without having any duty to retreat first. Stand your Ground law states that a person may use deadly force in self-defense without the duty to retreat when faced with a reasonable perceived threat. When Stand your Ground laws were advocated in Florida and other states, their proponents marketed them as a reestablishment of a natural right, arguing “the duty to retreat has not always been a part of the common law”. The historical context may be misleading, allowing self-defense only when reasonably necessary, and a duty to retreat when attacked outside one’s home. The National Rifle Association seek to influence the Stand your Ground Law as a away for people to protect themselves. Though opponents who were against this law worried it would encourage the use of deadly force. For example, a 2004 case James Workman, a seventy-seven year old retiree who was sleeping in his RV, where an intruder busted into the trailer. James shot the intruder and had to wait months for the verdict. Prosecutors then decided the shots he
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