Stand Your Ground Laws Need Fixing

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There are many gun activists who insist on keeping the Stand Your Ground Law as it is, but is it solving problems or causing more of a problem? The Stand Your Ground Law more than likely will never be abolished because of NRA being such a strong force, however its flaws crucially need fixed. Stand Your Ground Laws need fixed because they increase crime rates rather than decrease them. Also, Stand Your Ground Laws need to be despertaly advised because there are several instances where they are just being exploited or abused. Furthermore, these laws need fixed because the death rate of innocent people is sky rocketing due to this law. Firstly, what exactly is The Stand You Ground Law? The Stand Your Ground law is a law that expands the Castle Doctrine. For you who are not quite sure what the Castle Doctrine is I will explain. The Castle Doctrine which can also be identified as the make my day or castle law is a doctrine which allows individuals permission to use force, even deadly force to protect themselves against an invader within their home. Previously, as I stated, the Stand Your Ground Law is a law which expands off of the Castle Doctrine. For example, the Stand Your Ground Law provides a person the opportunity to protect themselves if they feel their life is in danger, however unlike the Castle Doctrine, a person can even protect themselves outside of their homes. The Stand Your…

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