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Functions of Friendship Stand by Me explores the groups’ transition from “care-free” children to young adults. As the group of four journeys to find the dead body, they also make a personal journey in their individual identity. They break away from their parents care by saying that they are camping out in one of the boys’ backyard, while also breaking away from their parents support and discovering who they are as individuals. Dacey states that “peer influence serves important social and psychological functions. When adolescents do not have the chance to be part of a peer group, they miss out on important learning experiences” (2008: 328). With their parents removed, the boys rely on the friendship they have with one-another…show more content…
According to Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte, “emotional intimacy is a basic human need that involves sharing and caring on a deep and meaningful level. Actual friendship is perceived as a relationship that provides a safe place to share the private concerns, fears, hopes and deeply personal ideas of self that are emergent at this time” (2011). This is exemplified by Gordy’s and Chris’ ability to open up emotionally to each other. Chris was able confide in Gordy about how he felt that whole town was judging him as a bad person based on his family’s poor reputation. Gordy was able confide in Chris about how his parents were neglecting him since the death of his brother. Both boys would hug and comfort the other when they were emotionally upset and most importantly they both trusted each other reveal these emotional issues. Dr. Bodinger-deUriarte also states that “true affection can be provided by friends as well - this involves a combination of nurturance, protectiveness, kindness and fond feelings” (2011). This is further exemplified when Chris plays the role of Gordy’s father by encouraging him and supporting him to pursue his dreams of being a writer. The intimacy and affection that was present in Gordy’s and Chris’ friendship will help mend the trust issues that Gordy has from the neglect from his parents. - David Arsene References Bodinger-deUriarte, C. 2011. “6 Functions of Friendship & Adolescence” in
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