Stand by Me

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An important relationship between characters in the film “Stand by me” Directed by Rob Reiner is the relationship between two characters, Chris Chambers and Gordie LaChance. We gain an understanding of this relationship through the use of dialogue, different camera shots, music and the parallel between Teddy and Vern.“Stand by me” gives us the story, narrated by adult Gordie, about a particular Journey involving four childhood friends, Teddy, Vern and Chris that happened in the summer of 1959 and that his outlook on life forever. An important aspect of the important relationship between Chris and Gordie is the strength of their friendship. This is shown in the incident of Gordie’s cap being stolen by Ace and Eyeball. Chris sticks up for…show more content…
And the symbolism of the song “Stand by me” helped us understand the strong bond between these two
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