Stand in Favour of Corruption

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Good Morning Everyone!
Respected Jury, Teachers and my dear Friends.

I take my stand in favor of this topic “In a land of scams and scandals, corruption is the only way of life”. Had the topic been just ‘’ Corruption is the only way of life ‘’ then I would have surely refuted it, but the presence of the adverbial ‘’ In a land of scams and scandals’’ changes things. In a land where law makers are law breakers, can a common man survive without bending some rules?

We often hear our elders saying, “Never keep a rotten mango in a basket of good ones. It will spoil the whole lot’’. What will happen if we reverse this situation i.e. keep a good one in a basket of rotten ones? Does this good one have any chances of survival? Same is the
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Yes, ’Survival of the Corrupt in a land of scams and scandals’.

GreetStand – Had topic been- Presence of adverbial-law makers r law breakersMango example – same situation-rampant corruption –facing this topic- diff. stand –causesMan’s desire- in nature – life is corrupted- play off mom against dad- god- way of life – Rousseau- chainsSuch a land – corruption a necessity – rich to poor….-dip in river- traversing across land of scams n scandalsMajority BPL- ration quota –procure ration card – no time to stand in queues – lone breadwinnerBeing corrupt- ensures survival –journalism –life and death – Jyotirmoy Dey- beaureacracy and law enforcement- King and subjectsRich people – profits – corruption a sword to slay rivals – wait – be slaidComplain – students through paid seats- intelligent ones supposed to live and earn a living- this is inequality- adopt unequal means to fight inequalityWorld- money makes it go round – paradox – moral obligations – need money – progress = increase in economic powerAgainst corruption- demoted, sacked, assassinated – Malabar cements case- alive n happy today – turned a blind eyeSuch people – doom families along with themselvesStanding up against corruption – fantasy –reality –it rules –all men r in race 4 survival – fastest & most competent – ensures everybody’s happiness – evolve darwins theory – yes, in a land of ………

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