Standard 2 : Teaching And Learning

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Standard 2: Teaching and Learning
1. Describe your evidences: What are they? In what context were they created and/or used?
The first artifact attached for Standard Two: Teaching and Learning, is a presentation of classroom management procedures. The presentation includes rules, a daily schedule, daily routines, and behavior management strategies. This presentation also informs the students of emergency procedure protocol. The students are given the teacher’s expectations of their behavior throughout the year.
The second artifact provided is an evaluation of classroom teaching. My University supervisor completed this evaluation during my internship semester. I was evaluated on three different occasions on reading and writing instruction in a third grade classroom at Forest Oaks Elementary School. The evaluation provided displays my strengths and weaknesses while teaching and provided suggested areas of improvement.
The third artifact attached is a teacher-created ‘Think Sheet’ assessment. The students began the lesson by providing their thoughts on each question. I have also attached the lesson plan that corresponds with the assessment. They were to use their prior knowledge on Rosa Parks in order to answer the questions. After reading and discussing, the students answered the questions again using evidence from an article about Rosa Parks.
The fourth artifact attached is a pre- and post- assessment created based on a unit about preparing for a natural disaster. The…
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