Standard 2 : Teaching And Learning

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Standard 2: Teaching and Learning 1. Describe your evidences: What are they? In what context were they created and/or used? The first artifact attached for Standard Two: Teaching and Learning, is a presentation of classroom management procedures. The presentation includes rules, a daily schedule, daily routines, and behavior management strategies. This presentation also informs the students of emergency procedure protocol. The students are given the teacher’s expectations of their behavior throughout the year. The second artifact provided is an evaluation of classroom teaching. My University supervisor completed this evaluation during my internship semester. I was evaluated on three different occasions on reading and writing instruction in…show more content…
I have also attached the results and analysis of the pre- and post- assessment. 2. Reflect on the following questions: a. How does the ED 465/565 assignment demonstrate my understanding of effective classroom organization and management and of supportive behavior management strategies? The Classroom management presentation attached demonstrates my understanding of effective classroom organization and management and behavior management strategies. This presentation demonstrates my understanding of classroom management by stating expectations in the classroom. The presentation was created in using developmentally appropriate language. In order for students to understand emergency procedures, I included step-by-step instructions along with photographs to ensure the students understanding. Within my presentation is a discipline procedure. The discipline procedure included is Class Dojo. Class Dojo tracks student behavior throughout the day with a point system. The students earn points for excellent behavior and lose points when their behavior needs improvement. There is a reward and/or consequence for student behavior. The class, as a whole, can receive points in order for all students to receive praise throughout the day. To ensure student behavior, a report is sent to parents electronically at the end of the day. In the event of misbehavior, parents are to sign and
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