Standard Based Learning And Its Impact On Education

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Standard based learning has led to the demise of public education for years. Standard based learning is an educational system that measures students’ achievement and mastery of skills by their performance on assessments. Institutions that implement standard based learning use learning standards that explicitly describe what students should theoretically know and what lessons that educators should teach. The learning standards were created to define the adeptness of the students, ensure the retention of information, and the acquisition of the appropriate skills. Law makers tend to believe that standards will make the educational system a better place. With each political campaign a new educational reform is presented and it usually includes the adoption of new standards and policies that will allegedly have a positive impact on education. Learning standards were presented under the Lyndon B. Johnson’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Following Johnson’s presidency it seems presidents to come found a way to reauthorize the amendment according to their political platform for education. Under Clinton’s administration the act became the Improving America’s Schools Act. Standards were again reintroduced under Bush’s 2001 No Child Left Behind Act. President Obama kept the trend and implemented the Every Student Succeeds Act. Not only does the constant change in the educational policies promote a sort of inconsistency, it further represses students and educators. Mehmet…
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