Standard Deviation

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Definition: Behavior commonly seen in children that is the result of some obstacle to normal development such behavior may be commonly understand as negative (a timid child, a destructive child) or positive (a quite child), both positive and negative deviation will disappear once the child begins to concentrate on a piece of work freely chosen by him. The physical deforms are easier to identify. This can be by birth due to an accident etc… and most such physical deforms can be either cured. However, deforms that take place in development of psychological aspects of a child are not only threat to building the character and the personality of the child also you find certain physical deforms in curable in
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The normalized children possess a unique character and personality not recognized in young children. Normalization appears through the repetition of a three step cycle. The building of character and the formulation of personality that we call normalization comes about children follow the cycle of work. Preparation for an activity which involve gathering together the material necessary to do the activity. The movement and the thought involved in the preparation serves to call the attention of the mind to begin to focus on the activity. An activity which so engross the child that the reaches a deep level of concentration characterized by a general feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

Characteristics: 1. Love for work: include the ability to choose work freely and to find joy in his work. 2. Love of order 3. Profound spontaneous concentrate. 4. Attachment to reality. 5. Love of silence and working alone. 6. Subblimission of possession. 7. Real choice. 8. Obedience. 9. Independence and initiative. 10. Spontaneous self discipline. 11. Joy.

Three folds of phenomenon: 1. Polarization of attention 2. Spontaneous repetition 3. Leading to a state of concentration.

The Prepared Environment:
The prepared environment must be in every way prepared. The environment plays an important role the aesthetics of the rooms is not all that is needed in the
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