Standard Deviation and Double Degree Essay

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1.0 Introduction This report will cover the distribution of final exam results for BSB123 and what factors influence the results. Factors that will be considered are the gender of the student, whether the student is studying a double or single degree, the results from the weekly quiz’s and the grade achieved on the mid semester report. The presence of outliers will be determined to help analyse the accuracy of the data. There are an infinite number of internal and external factors that contribute to the outcome of a single exam result. Beaty, & Barling (1982) explains how factors such as stress and anxiety can contribute to low test results and they give several self help solutions of how to boost ones success. This report will…show more content…
4.3 Quiz Results Analysing the effect that the weekly quiz results have on the final exam results can help to understand if high quiz results mean high exam results. Figure 5.0 The data in the above scatter plot shows that there is a correlation between the quiz results and the exam results. R² = 0.536, which indicates that about 54% of the variation in the average of the quiz is accounted for the linear relationship with the exam results. In other words, about 46% of the variation is not explained by the least-squares regression line. 4.4 Report Results The last exam factor that will be addressed in the bivariate section is the impact of the results from the mid semester report on the exam results. Figure 6.0 The correlation between the report results and the final exam results in not over whelming storage. The trend line in the graph can be seen as slopping upward from left to right showing that. It can be seen that the majority of students that achieved well on the report also achieved well on the exam 5.0 Trivariate analysis Trivariate analysis compares tree factors against each other in order to help better understand the exam out comes. 5.1 Degree vs. Exam & Quiz Figure 7.0 Figure 7.0 states that students who are doing a double degree achieve higher marks compared to the students who are doing a single degree. On average it can be seen that over
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