Essay on Standard Deviation and Frequency Distributions

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TUI Frequency Distributions Module 3/Case 10/148/2012 Professor Kuleshov Frequency Distributions This assignment is based on Frequency Distributions and will include the following information: 1. The ability to describe the information provided by the Standard Deviation. 2. The ability to use the Standard Deviation to calculate the percentage of occurrence of a variable either above or below a particular value. 3. The ability to describe a normal distribution as evidenced by a bell shaped curve as well as the ability to prepare a distribution chart from a set of data (module 3 Case). Part 1 (1) To get the best deal on a CD player, Tom called eight appliance stores and…show more content…
The heights of a group of professional basketball players are summarized in the frequency distribution below. Find the standard deviation. Height (in.) Frequency 70-71 3 72-73 7 74-75 16 76-77 12 78-79 10 80-81 4 82-83 1 To get the standard deviation of these numbers I first calculated the mean by added all the numbers together (3, 7, 16, 12, 10, 4, 1) and divided it by 7. I then took the mean (7.57143) and calculated the deviance by subtracting the mean from each one of the numbers in the set. Then I squared each of the individual deviations, added those sums together, and divided the number I got from that sum by one less than the data set, which are 6. Then the last step is calculating the square root, which is the ending result (5.38074) References Introduction to Frequency Distributions, Retrieved November 12, 2008, Slides on frequency distributions, Retrieved November 12, 2008, Frequency distributions, Retrieved November 12, 2008, Z-Table Calculator, Retrieved November 12, 2008,

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