Standard Deviation and Percentage Essay

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Remington’s Steakhouse Project
Brian Jones
Research Methods & Applications
Dr. Jones
August 25, 2011

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 3
Introduction 4
The Research Objectives 4
The Research Questions 5
Literature Review 6
Answers to Research Questions 8
Recommendations to Remington’s 15
References 18
Annotated Bibliography 19
Appendix(ces) 22

List of Tables
Table 1 Demographic Description of the Average Remington’s Patron9
Table 2 Reported Income by Remington’s Questionnaire Respondents9
Table 3 Importance Ratings when Selecting a Restaurant11
Table 4 Perception Measures of Remington’s Steakhouse Patrons12
Table 5 Relationship Measures of Remington’s Steakhouse Patrons12
Table 6 Patron
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4. What are Remington’s Steakhouse scores on each of the six perception measures of: has large portions, has competent employees, has excellent food quality, has quick service, has a good atmosphere and has reasonable prices? 5. Is Remington’s delivering on the characteristics that patrons want when selecting a restaurant? 6. Is there a relationship between “satisfaction with Remington’s” and each of the following perceptions; has large portions, has competent employees, has excellent food quality and has quick service?
Literature Review
According to the National Restaurant Association (2011), 2011 Florida restaurant sales are projected to be $30.1 billion in sales with Florida having 34,035 restaurants in 2009. The NRA (2011) states that in 1955 25% of each dollar spent on food was in a restaurant compared to 49% presently. Given this growth trend, restaurant owners are faced with ever increasing demand being offset by concurrent competition growth. To drive customer growth and repeat business a detailed examination of the literature is necessary to determine what others have found to be dominate factors in accomplishing this goal.
Employees must first align their perceptions of service quality to what the customer’s perceptions are (Becker & Wellins 1990). Understanding what drives the customer establishment relationship is important to turning one time customers into loyal

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