Standard Models of Decision-Making

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Standard models of decision-making Participate in violent political actions as a product of instrumental rational reasoning Introduction Instrumental rationality refers to practical reasoning that helps one decide how to do things. This kind of reasoning considers the factors involved in a particular situation as the variables to be controlled. We are instrumentally rational if we take the most effective means to our ends and irrational if we fail to do so. Instrumental rationality may also refer to the best choice of means or instruments for achieving a goal. Instrumental rationality requires taking effective steps towards attaining the ends we desire. It is irrational to acknowledge that an action will contribute to the achievement of one's end goals and fail to perform it. It is not irrational to acknowledge that a certain action is morally required and fail to perform it, but one may doubt whether there is a reason to do what morality requires. On the other hand, one cannot doubt whether there is a reason to do what instrumental rationality requires. Instrumental rationality might be all of practical rationality. If this case holds, then it is rational to be moral if at all morality is the best means to one's end. In simple terms, to be practically rational means to take action and have the right attitude of the intended actions. People are mostly not rational when it comes to their own beliefs. This is significant when it comes to politics. Political debates
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