Standard Two : Planning And Evaluation

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STANDARD TWO: PLANNING AND EVALUATION The University carries out its mission to students, businesses, and communities by employing comprehensive and broad-based planning and evaluation activities. Academic planning and evaluation efforts involve and engage all Academic Program Managers (APMs) / Academic Directors, the Director of Assessment, the Deans and the Provost, as well as representatives from divisions beyond Academic Affairs. Evaluation activities are supported through the budget planning/ allocation process, undertaken annually with the input of each department and the BOT. Planning Planning and evaluation efforts are supported through institutional research, which is multi-faceted and allows the institution to make data-driven decisions. Although all aspects of the organization undertake research pertaining to their respective foci, institutional research is primarily managed by Information Technology (IT), working closely with Academic Affairs and the EMT, along with the Online Education Institute (OEI) and the Marketing department. Strategic and tactical decisions regarding organizational growth (e.g., faculty hiring, new program development, budgeting, and organizational expansion, etc.) are based on researched data and metrics. In the School of Arts and Sciences, new programs emerge from ideas gathered from faculty, staff, administration, and market data. These concepts are funneled through the Dean and the Office of the Provost, who are responsible for

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