Standardised Testing Within Australian Education Essays

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EEB425 – Reflecting on Professional Practice: Assessment & Reporting
Assessment Item 1
Critical Issue Essay

“Assessment is a method for analysing and describing student learning outcomes or program achievement of objectives” (Assessment services, 2011). A form of Assessment is standardised testing. This kind of test is used to “measure the performance of a group against that of a larger group” (assessment services, 2011). Standardized tests are often used in large-scale assessment projects, where the overall results of the group are more important than specific data on each individual client.
Standardised Testing within Australian education has become an important and controversial issue since the introduction of the National
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One of the most frequently stated criticisms of standardised tests is that they do not measure creativity and problem solving ability. Because standardised testing is mostly presented in a multiple choice format, a teacher cannot, see where a child went wrong when he or she failed to solve a math problem correctly, because no work was shown (S.E Smith, 2011). In addition, critics feel that the questions on standardized tests are too simplistic for children to fully demonstrate reading comprehension, critical thinking, and problem solving. Another issue being focused on when referring to standardised testing is the bias (A. Kohn, 2000). Certain cultural and language biases may be impossible to eliminate entirely from standardised tests, meaning that some populations such as low socio-economic, Indigenous peoples, girls and other minorities may be at a disadvantage when they take standardized tests. While test writing companies do their best to eliminate obvious bias and offensive language, it is a difficult thing to correct for entirely (PISA, 2011).
Australian education exists in what is known as a neo-liberal market climate meaning that it is the responsibility of the school to produce good citizens of the community. Citizens that can read, write, spell and communicate in everyday living equally. With
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