Standardization And Adaptation Of International Marketing

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1.2 standardization vs adaptation Nowadays people always argue should we use the same standard for worldwide or using different strategies for different countries in the modern world. People who are using standardization strategy in international marketing. First of all, the development of the technology had made the world become a village, that means each country and their people are closer than ever before. (David A, 2013) Base on this opinion, the individual markets are not along isolated at all; globalization makes every individual market became a global market, every market can affect other markets. For instance, the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis can not only affect nearly countries like Mexico, Canada, but also affects the worldwide economy. Secondly, the popular culture makes a different country’s cultural mixing as one; because of the development of communication, different country’s culture can also affect each other. For example, you can find so many Chinese restaurants in the UK, but most of them are supplied non-traditional Chinese food which mixing Japanese flavor or Korean cooking method. In their opinion, that means people are easier to adapt new thing than ever before, so they can make a standardization for all markets. Thirdly, the global market had become more open than before. Most countries are opening up their markets, that means the political barriers are becoming lower for international companies which using standardization strategy. (Poulis and
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