Standardization of Computer Forensics through Legal and Procedural Enhancements

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Abstract– Technological advancement in computer technology has opened new horizons for human progress along with creating new criminal opportunities. These computer based crimes are difficult to handle due to their rapid growth and transnational scope. It needs a two prong strategy which includes procedural and legal enhancements. Keeping in view the need of standardization in computer forensic process a comprehensive framework is suggested in this research. It will allow investigators to submit acceptable evidence in the court of law. All the countries across the globe must have strong legislative shield which will work as the foundation for computer forensics process. Legal system must cover penal and procedural laws along with…show more content…
Computer forensic involves complex nature of evidence. It makes computer forensic weaker in the eyes of law. There are many inter-organizational and legal issues involved in investigation. Evidence collected from a computer device must be legally acceptable and it requires a dedicated, flexible and comprehensive forensics framework.
2. Problem defined
The rapid growth of computer technology has created new opportunities for criminals to exploit online vulnerabilities against information stored and transmitted over advanced communication networks. The future growth of the information technology is endangered from growing cyber threats. [1]

There are two main interlinked problem areas [2] highlighted in this research. First one is the procedural framework of forensics framework. Second one is the legal framework of the electronic crimes in Pakistan.

Cyber threat is a global problem and it needs a global solution, involving all stakeholders. All countries linked together through cyber space must have adequate laws to cop with electronic crimes and especially computer crimes. In Pakistan “The Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2002” was the first specific ordinance, it was a base for the “Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance” (PECO) 2007/2009 along with the laws contained in the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).
Although PECO covers a lot of criminal scope yet many limitations are there in this ordinance. These limitations include:

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