Standardization vs Localization

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Standard vs. local(refer to book pg no.407) 1. Attitudes towards advertising in general are important to assess as they have been shown to influence attitudes toward advertisements, brands and purchase intent. Businesses need to have a presence everywhere and yet limited resources only allow for some markets to receive funding for customized material (Rogowski 2004). Thus, from a financial perspective, some degree of standardization is always desirable. Over the past decade, marketers have recognized that it really is not about an either or strategy regarding standardization and localization. It is more about degree and decisions will vary by product category, consumer preferences, the market environment and so on. In 2003, McDonald’s…show more content…
However, many marketing and advertising managers argue that every market is unique and that globaladvertising appeals cannot take into account cultural differences in different markets adequately. They favor a localized approach, in which local managers conduct advertising research, select advertisingagencies, and approve creative themes and executions. Multinational companies as well as local companies now use both global and local advertising (e.g., Barber 1996; Featherstone 1990; Friedman 1999; Sklair 1995). The extant research, however, tends to focus either on advertising content analysis or on how advertisers say that they create advertising in foreign markets STANDARDIZATION Some of the reasons that espouse the adoption of a standardized advertising strategy are inclusive of some benefits that the phenomenon of standardization would accomplish. Firstly standardization would become the source of leading the advertiser to generate savings through economies of scale in advertising planning, advertising production and advertising control. Moreover standardization of an advertising campaign enable all the advertising messages reinforce and complement each other thus generating a cohesively universal appeal.
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