Standardized Assessments And Standardized Assessment

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• Norm-Referenced Assessment, Criterion-Reference Assessment, Standardized Assessment, Non-Standardized Assessment, Measures of Central Tendencies, Measures of Variability, Derived Scores, Percentile Rank, T-Scores, Validity, Reliability Non-referenced assessment allows each individual to compare his or her result/score to others examinees, nationally. Also, it is giving in a same manner and condition to all. Criterion- referenced assessment is to determine whether an individual has achieved specific skills or learning goals (Huitt, 1996). If an individual achieving specific skills or goals shows that he or she is master of that specific subject. This assessment can be used for an individual with learning disable since it is intended to customize for him or her. Standardized Assessments are set in a way that everything is same for all test takers and required to answers the same questions and give same answers. Also, it is comparable to others. Non-Standardized Assessments are not provided the same for all test takers. It is designed for each individual and cannot be comparing. Measures of central tendency express what is happening in “the midrange of a group of scores” (Neukrug, 2011, p. 408). Three widely known measures of central tendency are the mode, median, and mean. “Although measures of central tendency do not tell you a lot about general trends in the whole group, they do a give you a sense of whether a known score is higher or lower than the mean,
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