Standardized Assessments Of Intelligence And Development

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Standardized Assessments of Intelligence and Development The search of information of this study yield the correlation between music education, musical training, and musical experience of children and the ability that music have on the enhancement of children learning ability in the areas of auditory perception, reading related skills, verbal and nonverbal reasoning. The participants in this research are children between the ages of 3 to 10 year old and are all elementary school aged children. The first article showed the correlation between third grader, with various degrees of musical experience, who were tested on a battery of auditory processing and reading related tasks. One-hundred eighty four third-grade children from three mainstream public schools were participants in the study. Many of these participants had no previous knowledge of hearing or neurological problems. Of the 184 third-grader 13 failed to complete portions of the testing protocol and 15 failed provide information about their musical history and therefore were excluded. Of the 156 remaining children, 108 took music lessons at time of the study and the other children never participated in any form of formal music lessons. Some children with musical experience had between 1-36 months of experience and were taking music lesson and playing a musical instrument at least once a week. (
Auditory Psychophysical Tasks In this task frequency and temporal-interval were
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