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The healthcare system in itself is extremely complex and it is important to have a standardized language for healthcare professionals to have, especially during documentation. According to ______, a common language is essential for communication and understanding one another. As an example, a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis will be further explored using three of the thirteen American Nurses Association approved standardized languages: North American Nursing Diagnoses Association – International (NANDA-I), Nursing Interventions Classifications (NOC), and Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC) Systems. This paper will also explore of how data, information, knowledge, and wisdom was used in this specific scenario to provide guidance. A sixteen-year-old boy was admitted through the emergency room presenting with difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, dry mouth, frequent urination, and fruity odor on breath. Initially, diabetic ketoacidosis comes to mind, but further labs are ordered to…show more content…
The patient with DKA, the goal outcome would be to stabilize his blood sugar and maintain it. NIC is a list of interventions based on a patient’s need. In this scenario, after stabilizing him, prevention and education is important so that this situation does not occur again. Teaching and prevention is such an important factor in patient care. Nursing Informatics contains a framework to guide nursing practice, this framework is called Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW). Nurses use this framework on a daily basis without even realizing it. In this patient’s scenario, when that patient was first admitted into the emergency department, Furthermore, standardized terminology played a large role in maintaining this patient’s care throughout his hospital stay.
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