Standardized Test and Informal Reading Assessments Essay

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How well do standardized tests work as tools for obtaining information about children’s literacy strengths and needs? Standardized tests have both positive and negative uses as they pertain to obtaining information and what that information can be used for. The use of portfolios can also be used to guide instruction, and they can be used as informal or summative assessments. The use of both the standardized test as well as a student portfolio will give the teacher information that can be used to assess how well they are instructing as well as what areas they may still need more work in. There are many pros and cons as to whether or not there should be standardized testing. Both sides of this debate have some valid points, and by listing…show more content…
(, 2011, p. 1)
As to the validity of these statements, I can only offer my thoughts on these subjects. I do believe that standardized tests are fair and objective. These tests are designed to test a student’s knowledge on certain set standards that a child should know given what grade level that student is in. As to holding teachers and schools accountable, I believe this is where the biggest downfall of standardized testing lies. To hold a teacher accountable I believe that more than the test scores need to be looked at. An article in a Buffalo, New York newspaper supports my stance on this. One-third of high school students miss at least 20 percent of school days in a given year – the equivalent of seven weeks of school, according to a recent study by the district. And more than two out of five kindergartners miss more than three weeks of school. (Pasciak, 2011)
When students miss that much school, it does not matter how good a teacher is, that student will not do well. As to one of the opponents views, stated by Chris Mercogliano about President Bush’s NCLB act; “His dubiously noble sentiments notwithstanding, extensive and well-documented research demonstrates that the only things standardized test actually measure are income levels and socio-economic status” (Mercogliano, Autumn2004, Issue 22, p.
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