Standardized Test are Worthless

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Do you really think having to sit on a wooden seat for nearly two hours is really worth it? Especially having to sit for a ridiculous test? If you ask me, I’d say “heck no”! While researching text I’ve gotten to the conclusion that standardized test should be eliminated from school districts. Due to the voluminous amount of statistical data and research, there is no doubt-standardized tests should no longer be continued, but however, should be taken out and discontinued, while being removed forever and ever. To begin with, the teacher’s goal is to prepare well their students to pass the standardized test given. Yes, I acknowledge that teachers do prepare students well enough to pass the test and provide them with enough information to relief them. But teachers are therefore only teaching materials that will be on the exam test. With this being said, students aren’t actually learning anything else but what’s going to appear on the exam. According to a testing scholar Richard P. Phelps “93% of studies on student testing, including the use of large-scale and high-stakes standardized tests found a positive effect on students achievement”. In reality standardized test have not improved student achievements. Though many may say standardized test improve ones knowledge is completely false. Researcher Gregory J. Cizek states, “Standardized testing causes severe stress in younger students”. In other words, Gregory believes this kind of test don’t make a major
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