Standardized Testing : A Test That Alters The Decisions Made Pertaining The Future

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Standardized Testing Imagine failing a test that alters the decisions made pertaining the future. Standardized tests are failing many schools that are serving disadvantaged children based on their knowledge on a test that is created in order to put upon higher standards for students. The No Child Left Behind Act is a law that had been signed by George W. Bush in pursuance to designate all public school students to perform standardized tests. The law had been signed in 2002 although, standardized testing had been popular and have been moving forward way before that time. Standardized testing has become very common in the United States. These tests had been set up in order to try to measure how much knowledge a student carries. Tests like STAR in California and SAT’s all over America, are forms of standardized tests that take place today. Standardized tests are not capable of measuring the ability accurately because standardized tests are measuring teachers as well as schools in an unfair manner, they are not determining consistency to keep doing well, or expressing the work ethics of the student. Standardized tests are attempting to evaluate teachers, and even schools based on how well their students are doing on standardized tests. This is considered wrong because there are many other ways to assess the creativity and knowledge of a teacher or a school. Rob Montgomery, a teacher, feels as though standardized tests are not working well for many people. “Additionally, no

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