Standardized Testing Act Research Paper

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Academic demand on adolescents is on the rise. The future of America, the children, is burdened with standards too difficult to satisfy. From Kindergarten to senior year of High School, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 impacted lives of many students by offering equal opportunity to education. It was reauthorized in 2001 and is now known as The No Child Left Behind Act . The concept of this act focuses on the idea that schools will held accountable if a student is not able to perform well academically (Klein). However, it is ultimately a failure because the pressure for students to perform well academically transcends to a backfire . Each state has its own standards, but with the Common Core there is a nationwide set of…show more content…
Since the children are the future of the nation, officials decided to change the curriculum to evoke critical thinking and better problem solving skills. While that is true, there is nothing done. There is only more demand and more work piled on students’ backs. Standardized testing becomes the creator of distress amongst America’s young adults (Wilde). Students are expected to solve for mathematics problem with a certain method and interpret a dense reading passage excerpt in one way. The ability to be creative is taken away because schools want to focus on the academic aspect of a student’s life to not get reprimanded from the No Child Left Behind Act. Time that could have been used for recreation is used to take notes from college level textbooks and create essay outlines for AP U.S. History. In today’s society, college is seen as the glowing finish line after graduating high school. However, colleges do not only want to see a transcript full of honor classes and AP courses but also extracurricular activities and awards to distinguish a potential applicant from an entire pool of candidates. To satisfy those expectations, students enroll into four AP classes and join all sorts of volunteer activities (Dwyer). This ultimately lead to the struggle of time management. Adolescents in high school are pressured the most from deciding on a career to pursue to…show more content…
Common Core offers flexibility in terms of the way it can be taught with a set curriculum to be taught. But, teachers are not trained enough to teach a curriculum that demands . With the No Child Left Behind Act strongly intact, teachers are held responsible. Thus, piling assignments on assessments on projects and so forth (Carstensen). Depression also arises as a problem. It can eat away a person’s determination. Adolescents are impacted by depression due to stress, self pressure and outside pressure. Education should enlighten one’s mind but it burdens the mind instead. Common Core was created so America can be up to par with the rest of the world. The education system was turned over causing the youth of America to be undermined over at the expense of educators and educational facilities so America improve its ranking. The four years of High School is a time of self discovery and learning but the leisure to do so is taken away because of the emphasis on standardized testing and mere numbers on a
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