Standardized Testing And Its Effects On Students

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Standardized Testing
Rise and shine. Dress yourself and get to school. Sit through class after class while teachers try, to the best of their ability, to stuff bundles of knowledge into your head for the oh-so-important standardized tests. Go home and try to make sense of this sea of information for your good and your school’s. Repeat. This is the normal routine for students to undergo in order to reap acceptable grades on standardized tests. The cost of these tests aren 't worth the so-called benefits. Standardized testing is an ineffective tool in the education system because it is detrimental to students’ education and it has negative effects on students.
I can remember carefully committing to memory a labeled diagram of the human brain minutes before the biology state exam in the spring of 2015. Sure, I could easily pick out the diagram from the stream of data in my head, but ask me now, two years later, and I can guarantee that I cannot recollect the answer let alone the brain’s sections. This did not help my education, instead, it shaped my mind in a memory dumping ground. This phenomenon is not just common to me, students across the United States need refreshers on academic topics once they return the following year. In fact, “six weeks in the fall are spent re-learning old material to make up for summer learning loss” (Centres). Later on in life, if that topic is needed, it will no longer be viable. The memorization technique’s effect on the student’s mind will…
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