Standardized Testing: Does It Really Tell Academic Performance?

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Standardized testing is any test that remains the same and is given in the same manner to all test takers. Standardized testing began in China as a part of job applications. They became more frequently used in the early 1900’s to determine an individual’s intelligence. The army used these tests to determine if soldiers were officer material. In 2000, Finland had the highest PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) scores in the world. Finland uses very little standardized testing compared to other countries. It has been proved that high performing countries (Finland, Japan China) do not use standardized testing. The controversy about if standardized testing was truly helpful and if it showed a true reflection of a student’s…show more content…
A con of standardized testing is that it does not cultivate creativity. The multiple choice format of tests stop children from thinking outside the box in answering questions. A college study in 2010 has proved that American students’ test scores have been dropping since 1990 on the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking, a test that records a student’s creativity through fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. Standardized testing can lead to cheating and score manipulation by students who are desperate to meet the high stakes set for them. Along with students cheating, teachers can subtly hint at answers, leave material on walls to help them and obtain copies of the test to drill students on slightly altered test questions. In a Georgia school district, teachers and administrators falsified students’ tests resulting in high score increases throughout the schools. In early times standardized testing was thought to measure all a student has learned. In hindsight, it only measures a small portion of what makes education important, the academic standpoint. According to Gerald W. Bracey, “qualities that standardized tests cannot measure include creativity, critical thinking, resilience, motivation, persistence, curiosity, endurance,
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