Standardized Testing In The Educational System

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Education is very important in the development and the expansion of the future of the United States. Scholars spent more than 12 years of their life attending a school which provides the tools for them to go on into adulthood on their own and becomes “successful”. Although this was the intention of the education system, many argue that this system is putting more value on those who are academically gifted will be more successful. Thus, the term “successful” is over defined. In relation, Standardized testing in our educational system has both pros and cons for an average American student, however, some feel as it is over utilized and does not measure a student’s capability to “succeed”. Standardized Testing is not very beneficial for scholars…show more content…
As a result, many feel that tests like the ACT and SAT do not provide correct evaluations of a student’s knowledge or learning capabilities. Hence, in order to pass any test, memorization is automatically preferred rather than understanding the concept of the subject. An interviewee in Katy Walsh’s interview comment’s, “…I guess it's our human penchant for trying to attach a number to kids: 'You're an 83; you're a 78.' We are comparing and sorting kids by using these tests and that doesn't always correlate to what's being taught in school. If there was a stronger connection between what kids are taught in school that would make sense…” Although Standardized testing is utilized across the nation nowadays, it certainly does not measure one’s intelligence. With this in mind, it should be disallowed because it is an unbeneficial way of measuring the performance level of a student and creates a grade oriented mindset. We as students are being ranked based on our grades we receive on exams. But are these tests an effective way to measure student’s achievement? Students are being unmotivated to excel in subjects they struggle in because the educational system is defined their success by a certain number. The system in pinpointing out their weakness rather than helping students improve in their areas of difficulty. Therefore, they are manipulating the fact that a grade defines them and their future. Schools should focus more on the development of a child, rather than rank them based on the grades they receive in a test. Not only are standardized tests an undependable way of grading, but also, it does not promote life skills the child will need when growing
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