Standardized Testing In The Public School System

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As Students in the public school system, we are tested rigorously on a routine basis to equally evaluate and test our academic ability. These tests determine the path we should take throughout our career in school, and even decides if we should be able to graduate.
A close friend of mine just discovered, after multiple attempts, he still could not earn a score high enough on his standardized test to complete the track to high school graduation. He was placed in remedial reading classes in an effort to increase his score. However, being involved in these classes for his four years in high school, the curriculum remained the same as did his test score. Frustrated, anxious and lacking understanding of the material, he became unsatisfied and
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Yet it did not produce the results initially desired and the reason for its current ruling remains unknown since it is in no way helping students to reach their potential when it comes to educational standards. Therefore, most people are not concerned about the high stakes of standardized testing, unaware of the stress and physical ailments produced in children, old and young alike, or that politicians and other uniformed individuals with no educational background are writing these tests. If people knew more, however, they would realize that standardized testing is ruining schools making it an unfair way to compare children and putting their child's educational quality at risk. Would you want to be faced with the burden of standardized testing at such a young…show more content…
More than a Score expounds on how flawed testing becomes. When writing the questions, the authors are given specific guidelines and ordered to create confusion. Furthermore, the only requirement for these authors is a two-day course specified for writing these questions. The training is not intense, which creates uninformed writers and harder testing stakes. The result: a bright student with low scores and a poor outlook on their future. The tests are biased and extremely faulty. Studies indicate that the tests are still aimed for the upper class, white, male student. The multiple choice questions with one clear answer are not tough enough according the agencies scripting these exams. Standardized testing has now, sadly, become the new standard for teachers and school districts. The only way to define your future seems to lie in the results of several standardized tests. According to Karen Lewis, from More Than a Score, “…America’s obsession with numbers, data and the like will continue a practice that has so little merit is almost laughable” (Hagopian 84). These examinations are written by those who know little about a student’s curriculum, making them biased and unworthy of determining a student’s
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