Standardized Testing Is A Common Routine Part Of Their School Year

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Angela Li Ms. Weichert English 9H G3 17 November 2016 [INSERT TITLE HERE] For students of all ages across the United States, standardized testing has become a common routine part of their school year. Many laws have been passed over the years, requiring countless standardized tests throughout a student’s educational career for every student.This educational norm has been implemented for the past eighty years for the purpose of allowing comparisons to be made among schools in regards to student achievement, ensuring accountability for teachers, and informing instruction for educators; however, the flaws and limitations of this testing system do not allow standardized testing to achieve this purpose, and, in fact, do exactly the opposite. Daniel Pink, in his book, Drive, claims that “. . . rewards can often produce less of the very things they’re trying to encourage . . . extrinsic motivators can have another unintended collateral consequence: They can give us more of what we don’t want.” (Pink 47). Because standardized testing is required amongst all students, which is unfair among genders, ethnicities, regions, and students with special needs, and is often a determining factor on a teacher’s pay and job stability, teachers often resort to immoral behavior, forging their students’ test scores, to meet state standards. Standardized testing is not an accurate measurement of skill and does not improve education, by fostering unethical behavior, such as cheating, amongst
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