Standardized Testing Is Taking Up So Much Time

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“ I want my kids classrooms back” says many parents (Deutermann). School standardized testing is taking up so much time it is taking time away from students learning time in the classroom. Taking the many portions of standardized test is not benefiting the students. The point of standardized tests in schools to get measure of a student’s knowledge. Education plays a big role in the assessments. Education is the process of gaining knowledge, or different skills and attitudes. The tests are also a way to determine a teacher 's work ability. This topic is relevant to us because we are the ones that are taking the assessments, and teachers are the ones that have to help prepare the students for the standardized test.

Students take the standardized tests all throughout elementary school, junior high, and high school, and also college. In elementary school we took the OAA, then in junior high we took the PARCC test. In high school there are many assessments that you will have to take. You might take the PARCC, ACT, and also SAT. In the late 1980s, laptops and internet use have been used more and more in schools. Internet use has made a greatly impacted teaching styles. We are now using laptops and the internet to take the standardized tests. Many governments spend a lot of time investing large amounts of money to provide a good education for students across the world. Some people that standardized testing goes against different culture groups.

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