Standardized Testing: Necessary Or Ineffective?

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“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”, I slammed the snooze bar for the final time in a sleep-deprived fit of rage. “5:45” The red numbers illuminated the dark bedroom and I am hit with the depressing realization that the first day of school has begun. Staying in bed any later would award me with a traffic jam and tardy slip, so I dash out the door.

I sit in dreary classrooms watching apathetic teachers and students, dreaming of educators mentoring students, referencing their knowledge and experience. I envision engaging, thought-provoking, two-way discussions, inspiring learning for both instructor and student. Instead, I watch teachers halfheartedly work through their mandated lesson plans like household to-do lists. Teaching gets outsourced to YouTube and poorly written mega-corporation textbooks. Budgets are wasted on pointless projects and typical bureaucratic financial
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Standardized tests are largely unnecessary, ineffective, and overused. Despite the enormous monetary resources and hours that companies pour into the making of standardized tests, the unholistic pen and pencil approach of these tests tends to assess students' test-taking ability rather than their actual intelligence. All this new testing leaves less time for classroom learning than generations past. This time may seem negligible at first; however, it adds up considering the number of ACTs, SATs, graduation and annual state tests students take over their academic career. What little time left is sacrificed for busy work and teaching for the tests. Nevertheless, who can blame teachers when the results of standardized tests determine their job performance? The tests were mainly designed to showcase the efforts of teachers and schools to the state, and a reduction of standardized tests is integral to fixing our educational
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