Standardized Testing Should Be Abolished Essay

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America is often seen as the mark of progress on the global stage. Many people from across the world aim to land on American soil and experience, in particular, the American education system. It is often high praised for its equal opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Yet this is a falsity. Under the guises of clothing and a few examples of “success stories”, the impoverished in America have difficulty moving beyond their socioeconomic status. The American system of greed and elitist ideals have overpowered the usual, egalitarian attitude of the democratic nation. Various factors, such as standardized testing, poor upbringing, and stigmatized opinions, all prevent lower income students from being able to achieve the collegiate experience and upward mobility. Standardized testing is often the measure to which colleges and universities hold students to a standard. Essentially, it filters students’ potential abilities to predict their relative success in college. Yet the very history of this form of testing shows its prejudices and limited capabilities. For example, the SAT is used across the nation for many higher tier universities. Yet this test was originally made to reinforce…show more content…
The stigma involved in being impoverished reduces society’s compulsion to help those stuck in the cycle. The class hierarchy in the United States prevents the upward mobility of those in the lower classes. In fact, although the United States is considered a middle class society, the gap between the upper and lower divisions falsifies this account. Further, society makes it a stigma to act differently than societal norms. This allows the low income persons to be targeted by a multitude of groups, from politicians to elitists in society. For example, the impoverished are often used as scapegoats for large issues because they do not have the capabilities or the voice to
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