Standardized Testing Should Be Discontinued

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Years ago, standardized testing was introduced to school systems to measure capability and knowledge of the students. The tests were supposed to help point out issues in the school’s instruction method and to encourage the administration to fix the problems. Even though these tests started as an excellent way to help the education system, their effects have changed over time. Standardized testing should be discontinued because it cannot represent the true knowledge of a student, it narrows what a student can learn during the year, and it can be altered to misrepresent the true scores of students to benefit the faculty and administration.
In the mid to late 1800s, the secretary of the Board of Education in Massachusetts, Horace Mann, began the standardized testing age of America’s school systems. According to Thomas C. Hunt, et al., “A standardized achievement test is a test that measures students’ knowledge of a domain of related content…. These achievement tests put emphasis on what has been learned by the students, and students are scored as either proficient or not proficient in the content area” (Hunt, et al 888). Standardized testing was very well-liked in the past and still is by some people today. Many education systems encourage the continuation of these standardized tests because it measures how much knowledge a student has gained and how well the teacher’s instruction has taught the student throughout the year. Many teachers and administrators also approve of the…
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