Standardized Testing: Socialism in Education

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Standardized Testing: Socialism in Education Standardized testing has become a yearly fixture in classrooms around the United States. Legislation such as No Child Left Behind holds educators and administrators responsible for the learning of students. One way to assess this learning is through the use of a standardized test, the results of which can be compared to a predetermined benchmark. I believe it’s a good idea to hold educators accountable for the work they perform in the classroom and to hold school administrators accountable for education outcomes. However, the means by which this accountability is currently being evaluated—standardized testing—is detrimental to both schools and students alike, and it should be discontinued. Standardized testing of young children produces potentially meaningless results, is potentially discriminatory against certain populations, and forces educators to modify their instruction (potentially for the worse) in an effort to avoid being punished for not meeting required benchmarks. The implementation of standardized tests on young students, such as those in kindergarten through second grade, may be unnecessary and produce meaningless information. Some developmental psychologists contend that young children, such as those in kindergarten, may lack the ability to understand the verbal instructions used with most standardized tests. As a result, they may not be able to understand what is expected of them in the testing
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